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What is refurbished?

In recent years, the market for refurbished devices (and especially smartphones) has grown explosively in the worldwide. You hear the term refurbished more and more often. But what does it mean?

Refurbished is the English word for refurbished / refurbished. But actually that term does not cover the whole load. Refurbished appliances have been used and then extensively cleaned, inspected and repaired (if necessary). These refurbished devices are not new in terms of quality and durability. So there is an essential difference between second-hand and refurbished.

A second-hand smartphone that you purchase via Marketplace or eBay, for example, is (often) a device that has been used for a long time by a private individual. The disadvantage of this is that you do not know exactly what happened to it. Even though a device on the outside may look like new, you do not know what kind of defects the device has on the inside.

This allows you to assume that the chance of (small) defects in a second-hand device is reasonably high. This is usually only after a while. In addition, you usually have no guarantee on your device. The original warranty of the product is in fact linked to the person who the new device was purchased at the time. If your device does not work properly, it often means that you have to invest extra money to fix this.
A refurbished device, on the other hand, has been extensively checked, making it technically 100% in order. Should it be necessary, defective parts will be replaced and checked. Due to the thorough inspection, a refurbished device from TopTruly is of comparable quality as a new device and also has the same lifespan. The biggest advantage is that the price is much more attractive than that of a new device. Moreover, you also get a two-year warranty.

Where do refurbished devices come from?

Where a refurbished device comes from exactly differs per product. For example, a device can be returned to a manufacturer or webshop for various reasons, for example a wrong order or someone has returned the product within the trial period. A refurbished device can also be located in a store as a showroom model. These devices may no longer be sold as new, while they actually are. TopTruly gives these appliances a second life by thoroughly checking them and if necessary refurbishing them, so they have the life and quality of new again. Good for the environment and good for your wallet!

The condition of a device

At TopTruly you have the choice of four conditions ( like new, very good, good and ok ) and therefore four different price ranges. The difference between these conditions can only be seen on the outside. On the inside, the refurbished devices are all the same. The device is checked at more than 50 different points, which guarantees TopTruly that a refurbished device is technically 100% in order. Thanks to the different conditions and price ranges, there is a refurbished device for everyone.


TopTruly guarantees the highest quality, because we understand that you want a refurbished device with the quality and durability of a new product. We also take care of that. Each refurbished device has been checked at more than 50 different points in the TopTruly lab. Our technically highly trained employees are extremely careful with this. Only when all steps of the inspection have been completed, a refurbished device can carry the label TopTruly-certified. A refurbished product with all the benefits of new can therefore be recognized by the TopTruly -certified quality mark.

Refurbished has many advantages

One of the main reasons why people choose refurbished is the price. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and iMacs are new rather pricey. By purchasing a refurbished device you can easily save dozens of euros, while the quality and lifespan is exactly the same as a new one.

Another advantage in smartphones is that you buy a separate device for an attractive price. You are therefore not tied to a subscription, where you can only choose a new device every few years. You can also decide for yourself which subscription you choose (or prepaid) and keep your own number.

If you choose a refurbished device, you make an environmentally-friendly choice. The device gets a second life.

Do you have an old device? Then you can hand it in at TopTruly. You get a nice amount of money back which you can then invest in a refurbished device from TopTruly. Together we contribute our part to a better environment. A win-win situation.

A refurbished product from TopTruly always comes with:

  • loading accessories *
  • installation (optional available at one of our stores)
  • The most up-to-date software update
  • 12 months warranty
  • SIM card holder opening tool **

* iMacs are supplied with mouse and keyboard.

** This only applies to refurbished smartphones.


TopTruly guarantees to deliver the very best quality. We are even so sure that you get 12 months warranty on your purchase. This gives you the assurance that the quality of your purchase is and remains guaranteed. Should your TopTruly device still be defective or not work properly, then you can be sure that  TopTruly will solve this problem quickly for you.

Online and offline shopping

Do not know what condition you should choose? Then come along in one of our 3 branches. The TopTruly stores can be found in hongkong, shenzhen. You can view the device on the spot and assess whether it is satisfactory. Our employees can then answer all your questions. Of course while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Our stores have a limited number of devices in stock . Do you want to make sure that your device is available? Please contact a TopTruly Store or order the product without obligation in our webshop. You can have the product delivered to a branch of your choice. The product is ready the next day and you can come by whenever you want. Of course you only pay when the product is to your liking and when you take it home.

7 days to try

Do you still doubt whether a refurbished appliance is something for you? At TopTruly you always benefit from the 7 day trial period. If you do not like your purchase, you can return it within this period.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about refurbished and / or do you want to know more about a specific refurbished device? Please contact us by calling (+86) 137-142-807-69 or send an e-mail to ,Our employees are happy to help you.

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