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TopTruly -certified

every A refurbished smartphone by TopTruly QC , the phone will go from  our inspection software & inspection machine out.

every A refurbished smartphone that has passed the entire TopTruly QC inspection process is labeled TopTruly Logo Sign - certified. During this check, both the software and the hardware are checked. In this way, we are sure that the refurbished smartphone is functioning properly. We will also offer you our additional  service.

100% technically okay
A TopTruly -certified device always passes the entire TopTruly inspection. This means that the smartphone is tested on the following:

We test all software and hardware at least 5 different times.
We check all devices at more than 80 points.
The smartphone is checked for dust and moisture traces.
The battery is checked (and if necessary replaced) and we also update the software.
Our extra service
What refurbished smartphone you also buy at TopTruly, your device always works 100% properly. In addition, we offer you additional services, including:

You get 2 years warranty on your refurbished phone.
We deliver the charging accessories.
we deliver software & hardware inspection.
we deliver hardware replace.

we deliver used phone exchange.

service email:info@toptruly.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wu.benny.18

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